NMITE re-engineers timber courses for targeted learning

The New Model Institute for Technology & Engineering (NMITE) has reconfigured its Timber Technology Engineering Design (TED) courses into specialised, concise programmes tailored for professionals within the UK's built environment sector.

An evolution of the 12-week part-time courses (TED1 and TED2), this initiative reflects NMITE's proactive approach to sustainable construction education, addressing the needs of learners to access short courses to suit individual circumstances.

Responding to the industry's demand for specialised knowledge, NMITE has segmented the comprehensive TED 1 and 2 curriculum into focused three-week modules. A four-week module, including a week in residence for Timber Design, has also been introduced. The beauty of this new course design is its flexibility. It allows learners to participate in a selection of courses based on their availability and job roles. These offerings are designed to enrich professionals, including architects, engineers, and construction experts, who deeply understand sustainable timber use in building projects without disrupting their work commitments.

Endorsed by the CIOB, CIAT and TDUK for industry excellence, the courses are as follows:

  • Timber Sustainability (TED 1): Learn how to design and build in a highly sustainable way
  • Timber Materials (TED 1): Delve into the nuts and bolts of traditional and engineered wood materials
  • Timber Design (TED 1): Apply practical knowledge of timber to create real-world functional designs
  • Timber Construction (TED 2): Develop new knowledge to specify construction methods for different contexts
  • Timber Technology (TED 2): Delve into the digital technologies used in the timber construction industry
  • Timber Design (TED 2): Explore construction with timber to reduce costs and create more sustainable environments

"Adapting our Timber Technology Engineering Design courses to the evolving educational and professional landscape signifies our dedication to sustainability and innovation in construction," said Steve Bertasso, Timber TED course lead.

"The revised format allows professionals to experience the same content with few disruptions to work schedules and a lower carbon footprint to attend. Our courses are a cornerstone in our mission to nurture a generation of professionals equipped to lead the transition to sustainable building practices."

The newly structured courses are designed for utmost convenience and efficacy, catering to the busy schedules of professionals. Each course is compact, enabling participants to immerse themselves in intensive learning sessions over the three weeks with opportunities to engage with other students in discussion and project-based learning. This format not only facilitates a deep dive into the specific aspects of timber technology but also ensures that the learning experience is manageable and compatible with the demanding timelines of professionals in the field.

Delivered in collaboration with Timber Development UK and Edinburgh Napier University, the updated courses maintain NMITE's tradition of excellence in timber education. By offering these focused educational pathways, NMITE seeks to expand its influence on sustainable practices in the construction industry both nationally and globally.

Original source: NMITE re-engineers timber courses for targeted learning | Scottish Construction Now

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