Structural Timber Round-Table Debate Events

The round-table debate events host thought leaders and influencers from; the offsite sector, government departments, private sector clients, leading architects, engineers and contractors. 


Each debate is chaired and facilitated by Darren Richards, Manager Director of Cogent Consulting – leading offsite construction consultants, and shaped by a panel of experts and opinion formers. 

The round-table events are attended by Gary Ramsay, Editor of Structural Timber Magazine (ST MAG) who will capture and present the debate in a special feature that will appear in the following issue of the magazine and online via the unique ST MAG Newsroom. 

The cost associated with hosting the Structural Timber Round-table debate event includes: 

• Recruitment and Management of Experts/Delegates

• Issuing Joining Instructions 

• Photography 

• Write-up and Feature in ST MAG

• Write-up and Feature ST MAG Newsroom  

For more information, or to host your own round-table debate event, please contact Mark Austin on 01743 290001 or email

Download the Round-Table Event Flyer here

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