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STRUCTURAL TIMBER is dedicated to covering the UK's leading mainstream low-carbon construction material and its positive impact on the built environment.

As timber continues to prove itself to be an adaptable, aesthetically attractive and structurally strong building material, structural timber magazine investigates the reasons behind its success and shows its readers why timber is at the heart of an improved built environment, a growing energy efficient economy and contributor to overall sustainable business.

There are a number of options for you to place your products and services in front of architects, specifiers, contractors and clients:

Magazine Advertising

Structural Timber Magazine provides the latest news, case studies, opinions, interviews and feature articles from those leading the Structural Timber Industry. Structural Timber Magazine informs, inspires and promotes best practice within this sector of the construction industry.

The magazine is published three times per year and reaches a print circulation of 8,145 readers and a digital circulation of 28,930.

There are a number of advertising opportunities within the magazine, quarter, half and full page adverts, cover stories and editorial options. Prices start from £385.

Digital Opportunities

Across all platforms, there is a multitude of opportunities to promote your products, people and services to a highly refined and extremely targeted audience. The Structural Timber website receives over 3,000 unique visitors per month and is a great way of promoting your business.

The following promotional opportunities are available:

Web Banner Adverts- Web banner adverts can be utilised as a powerful tool for building your brand awareness and promoting your product/services.

Industry E-news- Our monthly e-news enables you to update the industry with your latest news and developments.

Project Gallery Insert- The project gallery on the Structural Timber website provides the perfect location to highlight your most successful projects.

Newsroom Feature- Add your news stories, announcements and press releases to the Structural Timber newsroom.

For more information, rates and specifications for Structural Timber Magazine and Digital platforms, please complete the short form below to receive a media pack. You can also speak with a member of our team on 01743 290 050 or email

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