Tarn Moor - Adam Kibb Architects

Project Details

Project - Tarn Moor

Sector - Residential

Technology - Timber Frame

Company - Adam Kibb Architects

Project Overview:

Tarn Moor’s brief was to create an environmentally sustainable 3 bedroom home that utilises the views. Our client is a climate change scientist and his environmental standpoint has steered the project towards achieving an eco-friendly home. These goals have driven the use of the glulam structure in addition to other environmentally  sustainable materials such as reusing demolition waste, aggregate foundations, limecrete and local flint stone.

Tarn Moor is an environmentally sustainable family home for a climate scientist. A unique building that capitalises on the fantastic views, which are exaggerated by the butterfly roof that frames the building outlook. This building has utilised a range of sustainable building materials, thermal control and renewable electricity supply. Tarn Moor was a  project derived to reduce carbon energy used in construction.

The existing house was reused as over site; new R&D was carried out to determine flexible foundations whilst not using concrete as a material. A sustainable focus ensured the use of a glulam structure gave a grid but flexible internal zones. Internally was sourced from second hand sites to reuse as much as possible - think ebay kitchen! This was a project not to use all brand new elements but to prove it is possible to reuse, re-source and reduce impact in construction.

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