Sustainable Self Build Dwelling - SIP Build UK

Project Details

Project - Sustainable Self Build Dwelling

Sector - Commercial

Technology - Timber

Company - SIP Build UK

Project Overview

Hampsthwaite is renowned for its listed buildings and distinctive style, with gritstone being the dominant building material prominently used. Whilst the client wanted to ensure this style was included, a modern twist was also desired, not just with the building system and fabric, but also the external finish. A mix of Gritstone and zinc to ground, first floor elevations and roof delivered a stunning contrast to this beautiful home set within its spacious countryside acreage.

Internally the Gritstone continued to certain elevations, contrasting against the immaculate, modern open plan space and vaulted ceilings the SIPs system provided. The additional structure the SIPs system required, a mix of thin, strong steelwork and architectural Glulam. Combined the steelwork was easily hidden in floor and wall zones to ensure clean internal lines for the large open plan areas whilst the Glulam provided stunning features in keeping with the more traditional builds within the Hampsthwaite area.

SIP Build UK were appointed to design, engineer and install on site the complete SIPs system, including all internal walls, floors and additional structures such as steels and glulam. All cranage and lifting also included for the duration of the time SBUK were on site to reduce variables and risk on site for the client and overall build program. Giving the client just one point of contact for the complete install of the system, SBUK delivered the dwelling and stable block in just 4 weeks – 1 week ahead of schedule. With the client project managing the build, the use of the Kingspan TEK SIPs system, combined with the appointment of SIP Build UK, massively reduced risk, variables and potential issues on site.

The SIPs system gave a predictable program time for the superstructure so that follow on trades could be organised exactly when required. The SIPs system wrapped in its breather membrane also took the external finishes off the critical path so work could be completed internally and externally by follow on trades at the same time, again reducing the overall build time of the project. The aesthetic finish has produced a truly stunning home, the SIPs providing a real wow factor to the open vaulted sections of the build whilst minimising the overall construction depth to both the roof and walls ensuring the internal living space was maximised within this prestigious plot.

The overall construction depth in the walls reduced by over 175mm in comparison to traditional methods. 4 week build time on site for the complete SIPs structures significantly reduced the impact on the local community and the immediate environment of the build. Combined with the sustainable credentials of the system, SIPs ticked every box.

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