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ITW Construction Products Offsite helps leading manufacturer SticX tackle a project where traditional meets modern design.

Leading manufacturer SticX were given a construction project where traditional met modern design. They were given the opportunity to be a part of a development that transformed an old school building that dated back to the early 1900s into present-day block of 17 luxury apartments. This project was a 2-storey upward extension of an existing building to develop an old all-girls school into an apartment block.

"We undertook this project as we were keen to work with a prestigious company who had high standards and we were prepared to supply and install an engineered timber solution for a large-scale project. The design for this project was challenging which meant our designers had to solve various problems through different solutions which made the project unique." – Chris Dermody, Managing Director of SticX

This is where ITW Construction Products Offsite were able to help provide a solution for the floor and roof design.

SticX were able to use multiple brands of ITW Construction Products Offsite that helped with the design and implementation of the floors and roofs for this project. Using the Gang-Nail software, they were able to design the floors and roofs, and from there use suitable products from both the Cullen and Gang-Nail range.

For the flooring solution on the project, SticX used the Cullen Universal Hangers for areas where they were fixing the metal-web SpaceJoist to steel beams. This allowed for flexibility of fixing and elevated any on-site adjustments which saved time. They were also able to use these hangers when packing out the steel beams with timber, giving them the option to fix straight to steel and to timber beams.

For the flooring system on this particular project, SticX used SpaceJoist 12 inch webs to suit the depths required and Gang-Nail plates to complete the design of the SpaceJoists, these gave the flooring system a variety of benefits compared to alternative timber flooring. For example, the use of the SpaceJoist open metal-webs provided a faster and simpler process of installing services by eliminating the need to notch or drill. Through the design of the metal-webs, the flexibility allowed longer span joists to be achieved in comparison to a solid timber joist.

SticX further used the Cullen RSS Racking Sheathing Solution for the timber frame. This was used to achieve closer stud centres and to eliminate the need for more timber boards. Through using the RSS solution they were able to achieve high racking resistance values which match a double sheathed panel without having to apply the extra OSB. The lightweight construction of the panels further meant less time was spent in the factory and on-site. Framing anchors and truss clips supplied by ITW Construction Products Offsite were also incorporated in the roof.

Managing Director of SticX, Chris Dermody, describes that the main benefit of using the multiple brands of ITW Construction Products Offsite was the amount of time it saved overall.

"Using ITW Construction Products Offsite products allowed us to save time on-site which also allowed us to reduce our costs." – Chris Dermody, Managing Director of SticX

Utilizing the ITW Construction Products Offsite integrated supply partner offering, SticX were able to reduce the time spent on-site and in the factory on the production line significantly.

"SticX believe ITW Construction Products Offsite have a very customer focused approach. We use the Gang-Nail software day in day out and the customer/technical support which we receive from their team is always outstanding. This is crucial to us at SticX as the software plays a vital role within our business." – Chris Dermody, Managing Director of SticX

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