Ideal Modular Homes & Shedkm- OURhome

Project Name: OURhome
Company: Ideal Modular Homes & Shedkm

Sector: Residential 

Structural Timber Awards 2020- Low Carbon Project of the Year.

Created by Ideal Modular Homes and designed by award-winning architects, shedkm, OURhome is a collaborative approach for high-quality, affordable living through sustainable methods of construction, aimed at housing associations, councils and developers. OURhome provides greater flexibility and accessibility by offering various orientations and layouts to meet modern living requirements. With a key focus on environmental sustainability and placemaking, OURhome is the UK's leading energy efficient, affordable housing solution.

OURhome meets operational Net Zero Carbon requirements, with energy efficient heating systems significantly reducing energy consumption resulting in lower fuel bills by up to 50% for residents. Ideal's modular homes also provide exceptional U-values, unbeatable air permeability and triple-glazed windows and doors, improving acoustics and thermal comfort. This, combined with solar PV and air source heat pumps, means the homes have the capacity to operate at net-zero carbon. To offset carbon emissions in construction, Ideal Modular Homes uses responsibly sourced timber frames or CLT.

The development of OURhome was a collaborative process aimed at housing associations and developers to help combat the current UK housing crisis, taking around one year to design and develop the idea, with the initiative launching at the end of 2019.

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