Hundegger - Made in Oak


Project: Made in Oak
Sector: Commercial/Residential
Technology: Timber
Company: Hundegger
End Client: Made in Oak


Back in 2017, the principles of “Made in Oak” were at a cross roads. A good order book and with good long-term opportunities it was time to expand. The choices for Imogen Cox and Nick Houghton, was to increase headcount with hard to find staff or invest in Hundegger machinery. 

Already users of Dietrich, they were designing structures in an advanced CAD/CAM software, and had some experience of sending production files to 3rd party European suppliers.

The Journey started with Hundegger, visiting existing users of the HM planer and SC Speed cut machines, in the UK and visiting the Hundegger factory and more users in Germany, Chris Osborne Hundegger UK comments “The investment in Hundegger by Nick and Imogen was carefully calculated, they needed more production capacity. It is difficult to expand with just people in the Green Oak sector. The skills are hard to find, and many components that need lifting are far heavier than HSE guidelines. It is hard work, and accuracy and repeatability are in question. This is where employing Hundegger technology gives a huge advantage. Even in a company with 3 full time employees the return on investment in Hundegger worked out." 

The further benefits were plentiful. An increase in production volume was incredible. Buildings taking 2 days by hand, take 2 hours with Hundegger. There is no limit in the scope of design, as there is no reliance on hand skills. With the aid of a gantry crane most of the heavy lifting is in the past, Imogen Cox comments.  “Employing CNC machinery has made scheduling work so much easier.  The quality and accuracy of our projects are exceptional, considerable time and man hours are saved in assembly.  The Hundegger machinery is very reliable and we have excellent telephone and remote access backup with Hundegger HQ when we need it.  Ordering parts is straightforward and they have always been very good quality and delivered on time.  All this has meant we can accurately forecast our production, be on site and deliver a frame when we promise, which means we have happy customers. For Made in Oak the investment has really paid dividends”

With all the tools to hand, Made in Oak are happy to receive enquiries from 3rd parties, to “supply only Kit-Set structures”, in Oak, Douglas Fir, and more contemporary Gulam structures. 

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