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The latest SCM technological solution has been developed for the industrial production of large format cross laminated timber (CLT) panels.

AREA XL is the new 5-axis CNC machining centre designed and manufactured by SCM for the industrial production of large format CLT panels. This solution, an evolution of the already popular and appreciated AREA model, was developed to meet the needs of those companies requiring high productivity, accuracy and reliability.

The processing of large format CLT panels is characterised by heavy duty stock removal, process automation in the handling and referencing phases, as well as cleaning of the work area: the new AREA XL has been designed taking into consideration these specific requirements.

With this machining centre, size and thickness of CLT panels are no longer a problem. Elements up to 16,000mm long x 3,600mm wide and up to 400mm thick can be processed, in particular thanks to an electro-spindle of high power and torque: 63 kW in continuous operation. The overall productivity can also be further increased by equipping the machining centre with a second machining head unit, capable of executing several operations simultaneously. Another plus is the possibility to perform transversal throughfeed-drilling operations even on the maximum panel size, thanks to optional auxiliary units.

AREA XL offers up to 60 tool stations in total, including two sawblades for each machining head unit. The operator's work becomes even easier, both during the process, thanks to automatic workpiece handling and referencing systems, and during chip removal from the work area, thanks to innovative cleaning systems. AREA XL also allows to work in total safety, thanks to the full enclosure and a protected access system to the work area through laser barriers.

Tommaso Martini, SCM Business Unit Manager for CNC machining centres for timber construction, says the new technology caters for the use of CLT that is increasingly widespread within the construction industry. "This is a modern, ecological, resistant product that can adapt to the most diverse design requirements and, thanks to these special features, can also be used for the construction of multi-storey buildings of considerable heights," says Tommaso.

"SCM is able to offer this market a strong know-how and expertise, thanks to a long experience in high technology solutions gained over the years with the OIKOS and AREA CNC machining centres dedicated, respectively, to the processing of modular and large format panels. A path that finds today, in the new AREA XL, a further evolution to respond to the needs of companies that demand to combine increasing productivity with high levels of accuracy and reliability. SCM is a competent partner for all those industry professionals who are looking for a new and different approach to the one they have encountered so far."

SCM never stops improving and offering to the timber construction industry innovative, high technological solutions, in line with the demands of an ever expanding market. This exclusive approach is derived from decades of experience in designing and manufacturing CNC machining centres for many applications and production needs.

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