Lightweight, Flexible Fire Barriers Designed and Tested For Timber

FIREFLY™ ATHENA 60:60 is a lightweight, flexible fire barrier, fully certified 60 minutes on timber. It is designed to be installed as a two-layer fire barrier system, certified for use on timber to provide compartmentation of larger spaces. Exceeds the Fire Barrier requirements of Building Regulations: Approved Document B (Fire Safety) with 60 minutes Integrity and 60 minutes Insulation.


  •  60 minutes Integrity, 60 minutes Insulation from both sides
  •  IFC Certified for use on timber - BS476 Parts 20 & 22
  •  Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle and cut
  •  Installer-friendly product with installation savings of 30% compared to a triple layer system
  •  Ideal for lofts and roof voids with restricted access and space
  •  Works with FIREFLY™ PENOWRAP for a perfect barrier solution on timber
  •  Utilises standard fixings, angles and high temperature adhesives approved for all FIREFLY™ barriers


FIREFLY™ ATHENA 60:60 is particularly suited for use as a certified fire barrier system on timber. Its unique construction and ease of handling and installation make it perfect for areas involving timber and restricted access / working space such as lofts and roof voids in Social Housing, Care Homes and Student Accommodation.


Manufactured using layers of woven and non woven glass fibre, specially treated with a proprietary coating to greatly increase fire resistance, and aluminium foil. The product is designed to be installed as a 2-layer system either side of timber, utilising other FIREFLY™ products including PENOWRAP and High Temperature Adhesive and stainless steel staples.

DESCRIPTION -  Lightweight, flexible Fire Barrier - combined Insulation and Integrity

CERTIFICATION -  Third Party Certified by IFCC. Certificate number: IFCC 1578

APPLICATION -  Vertical - 2 layer system 60:60 from both sides

PROPERTIES - Description: Non-toxic / user friendly / flexible / durable.

Easy to manipulate and cut to shape

Colour: White

Coating: A chemical treatment to optimise thermal properties and help prevent fibre migration

Minimum Thickness: 10mm

SPECIFICATIONS - Exceeds 60 minutes integrity with 60 minutes insulation when tested to BS 476 parts 20/22: 1987

CLASSIFICATIONS - Tested to BS476 parts 6 and 7 - Pass (propagation and surface spread of flame)


Roll Length: 6 linear metres

Roll Area: 7.62 square metres

Packed: Concertinaed and individually wrapped in polythene

Minimum Weight: 2.4kg/m2 

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