Kit of parts performance

Auburn Group are currently constructing Zone 3, Greatfields School, Barking. For this project, they have partnered with Net Zero Buildings and are building an educational facility using a ‘kit of parts’ approach.

Auburn Group Ltd is committed to constructing tailor-made solutions that cater to its clients’ requirements, while keeping the needs of end users in mind. Specialising in the education sector, they deploy offsite construction methods to deliver fabric-lead structures that can save up to 50% in energy.

With the knowledge and experience obtained by Auburn Group’s workforce, of building Zones 1 and 2 of this project, Auburn Group were delighted to be appointed as the main contractor for the final phase of the project – Zone 3. The three-phase project comprises of primary, secondary and sixth form buildings, accommodating a total of 2,400 students.

The wider development (Zones 1 and 2) used structural insulated panels (SIPS). However, with changes to the DfE OS framework and the spirt of the building safety act, they choose a closed panel system to meet the compliance required for the creation of new learning spaces, it is designed to mitigate and reduce operational and embodied carbon. This approach contributes significantly towards the Group’s efforts to reduce carbon and greenhouse gases during construction and use of the buildings.

Using a ‘kit of parts’ approach as the central construction method, the project is achieving extraordinary outcomes. The modern factory-made components have enabled the rapid delivery of additional classroom space, ensuring the timely fulfilment of the school’s needs without compromising on quality. This approach has not only showcased the speed and efficiency of ‘kit of parts’ construction but has also contributed to a futureproof education environment that will benefit stakeholders for years to come.

The Greatfields School project epitomises Auburn Group’s innovative, collaborative and sustainable approach. Using modern method of construction (MMC) is not a panacea on this project, but it highlights the most efficient construction methods and contributes to a resilient educational environment. Auburn Group’s dedication to sustainable construction ensures benefits for both the community and environment.

IMAGES: 01. The Auburn Group offers a range of sustainable offsite solutions

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