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STRUCTURAL TIMBER MAGAZINE is dedicated to covering the UK’s leading mainstream low-carbon construction material and its positive impact on the built environment. The publication is produced collaboratively with the Structural Timber Association (STA) – the UK’s leading timber organisation – representing a broad range of UK businesses embracing timber technology and timber building systems.

Every issue will contain the latest news, industry comment, interviews and feature material, covering solid wood systems such as CLT and glulam, timber frame and SIPS, plus a wide range of product and technical issues surrounding specification, building design and performance.

Special reports on timber and its usage across the UK’s building footprint will contain housing, education, healthcare and the retail/commercial sectors. Structural Timber Magazine will include feature articles and opinion from leading timber and construction industry decision makers and thought leaders alongside exemplar case studies and features on award-winning projects from the Structural Timber Awards - the UK’s largest event dedicated to timber technology.

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